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History of Venice FL

The name for the city of Venice was chosen by area families in the late 1800s. The Higel family was involved in growing citrus along with other ventures, and Darwin Curry was the original postmaster for the community. A railroad to the area was developed in 1911, leading to additional growth. However, Venice was mostly a small farming and fishing community in its earliest days. Railroad expansion continued to enhance growth in the area, and the 1942 establishment of the Venice Army Air Base also contributed to the expansion of the community. The state legislature changed the area’s designation from town to city in 1927.

Venice Demographics

Venice had a population of 20,746 at the time of the 2010 Census. The community demonstrates a high level of stability and education. 86.3 percent of residents have remained in the same home for at least one year. 94.2 percent of residents over the age of 25 have high school diplomas, and 34.5 percent of this same group hold bachelor’s degrees. The homeownership rate in Venice is 72 percent, and the median home value is $180,800. The median gross rent for the community is $988. The median age of residents is 67.6 years, a reflection of the community’s popularity as a retirement location. Approximately 57 percent of residents exceed the age of 65, and only 6.1 percent are children.

Education for Venice Residents

Venice children are educated through the Sarasota County Schools. In addition to traditional campuses and instructional programs, students may choose to participate in virtual education programs. Additionally, the middle school curriculum features a program called iEngage that is dedicated to preparing students for learning in the 21st Century. Venice also has 23 private schools and 25 preschools to meet various needs of area families.

Those interested in pursuing a degree or seeking continuing education opportunities may want to consider the local community college, State College of Florida. There are also at least 13 four-year colleges and universities within 125 miles of the city. These include Florida Gulf Coast University, located 49 miles away in Fort Myers, and The University of Tampa, located 55 miles away in Tampa.

Attractions and Community of Venice

Due to Venice’s proximity to the coast, the community provides visitors and locals with lots of beach locations and opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Parks & Recreation department of Venice maintains tennis courts, basketball courts, walking and biking trails, and boat ramps. There are also pet-friendly recreational areas. Projects like The Legacy Trail enable locals to explore a variety of ecological habitats between Venice and Sarasota. A historical walking tour takes visitors back into the early days of the community. Shopping and dining opportunities are enhanced by the variety of boutiques and interests featured in the downtown area. Local murals provide a unique arts and culture experience as well.

Venice Climate Conditions

Those unfamiliar with the area’s climate should prepare for warm, humid summer months and pleasant winters. The summer humidity can make the high temperatures feel uncomfortable although the July and August average high temperatures are 91 degrees. A record high of 100 degrees has been recorded at least twice in the area, and summer rainfall averages more than 7 inches each month. Winter low temperatures average 51 in January, and the record low for the area is 23 degrees.

Air Conditioning Service in Venice

The professionals of Climatic Conditioning Co. recognize the serious nature of air conditioning repair issues for the population of Venice during the summer heat. During extreme temperatures and humidity, a system problem can be dangerous for residents. We offer 24-7 emergency service to address air conditioning repair needs and other urgent HVAC situations. We also recommend that our customers make annual preventive care a top priority to limit the possibility of a system problem during hot weather. A tune-up can improve the performance of home comfort equipment, especially important in keeping indoor humidity levels and temperatures in a desired range. We are also available for estimates on new heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality equipment, offering the latest solutions for managing the indoor environment.

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