Osprey, FL

Osprey FL Air Conditioning Repair & Service

Osprey is a small community located just outside of Sarasota. Residents are use to the year-round heat in the Florida community, but the overwhelming humidity during the hottest parts of the year can drive locals indoors. A working air conditioner is essential in the sticky weather.

About Osprey

Osprey is a small community located in Sarasota County.


Osprey and the surrounding areas were home to Native Americans for as many as 5,000 years. The area played a major role in the trade activity between Native Americans and Spanish explorers.

Pioneers settled the area in the late 1800s. Much of the population growth in the area occurred between 1910 and 1920.


There are 6,100 people living in 1,965 households in Osprey. Approximately 16 percent of these households include at least one child under the age of 18. Nearly two-thirds of households in Osprey include a married couple. The median age in the community is 54 .

Median annual household income is $55,761. Median annual income per capita is $49,862.

Cultural Attractions

Cultural centers located in nearby Sarasota allow residents to hone their artistic skills while networking with other artists in the community.

  • The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County connects people in all artistic disciplines from across Sarasota County. Special events held throughout the year are aimed at exposing residents to all types of art while benefiting artists.
  • The Sarasota Culture Collective is a group affiliated with the Arts and Cultural Alliance. The collective works to help young people join the alliance without experiencing a financial strain.


Osprey tends to be a quiet town, but the residents do enjoy getting together on a regular basis to enjoy ongoing events. For example, there is a drum circle twice each week at Casey Key Beach. Visitors of all ages are invited to share in a community experience on the beach at these drum circle events.


The majority of shopping opportunities that can be found in Osprey involve national chains like Walmart. However, there are a few small shops located with the city. Pelican Cottage is a furniture and consignment shop that encourages local residents to explore the attached 1,100-square-foot warehouse. Elizabeth’s Consignments is a shop that caters to women by providing high-end, current fashions.

Many residents and visitors choose to travel to nearby Sarasota to visit the small boutiques and major shopping centers in the city. A short drive to the city allows people to access all types of stores that sell items ranging from clothing pieces to souvenirs.


Osprey is home of an outdoor museum known as Historic Spanish Point. The museum contains several buildings dating back from the early 1900s. Boat rides are available each week to let visitors get a unique view of the grounds.


Public schools located in Osprey are part of Sarasota County Schools. Pine View School is located within Osprey and caters to gifted children in grades two through 12. Most children living in Osprey attend school outside of the community. There are elementary, middle and high schools located in Sarasota, Nokomis and other nearby cities.

Air Conditioning Repair in Osprey, FL

Osprey residents have to be proactive about maintaining their air conditioning system to stay comfortable throughout the year. Climactic Conditioning has been providing air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance services to customers in Osprey and the surrounding areas for over 40 years.

Climactic Conditioning works to keep customers cool by providing any air conditioning service needed. Preventative maintenance plans keep air conditioners working their best for optimal efficiency. Repair services are ideal for times when an air conditioner stops working completely, and emergency repair services are available.

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