Lakewood Ranch, FL

Lakewood Ranch, FL Air Conditioning Repair & Service

History of Lakewood Ranch

Florida scenery is beautiful and inviting, and this is especially true of the unincorporated community of Lakewood Ranch. A probable site for the landing of Hernando DeSoto and his crew in the mid-1500s, the area is easily accessible from the Gulf of Mexico. Additional explorers appreciated this landing area though the unofficial founding of the community didn’t take place until 1855.

Rapid development began to occur during the 1920s as the area became a popular location for retirement and vacation use. Following World War II, there was an expansion of industries related to fishing and agricultural development. Tourism continued to shine as an attraction, and professional sports became an important part of the community. A master-planned community has since been developed in the area to provide more stability and structure for residential needs.

Demographic Information About the Area

For statistical purposes, Lakewood Ranch is monitored as part of the North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton Metropolitan Statistical Area, MSA. The definition of this area for U.S. census purposes was most recently updated in 2013 to include several communities in close proximity. Residents of Lakewood Ranch have the benefits of being in an unincorporated community while having access to varied business and service options in the metropolitan area nearby. Part of Manatee County, the community is composed of nine village areas that are developed with a variety of different housing styles.

Approximately 1,200 businesses are located in the area with an employment count of more than 12,000. The population of the community is 15,000. Easy access to I-75 makes the area conducive to business development and growth, and many service related companies have fit nicely into the community, providing amenities that enhance the lifestyle of the development.

Cultural Events and Points of Interest

Throughout the year, local events are provided to cater to the interests of community members and visitors. Festivals and tributes are planned for major holiday seasons, and philanthropy is another important focus on the community’s calendar. There is truly something for everyone. Look for Music on Main, a first Friday of the month event that is free of charge. Help promote medical research with Tour de Cure and Walk to Cure events.

Shopping is charming as visitors and locals enjoy quaint areas with beautiful landscaping and colorful street decor. A broad variety of restaurants is available for dining needs for everyday or special events. A merchant network allows for excellent communication about current events and local issues. A commitment to caring for the environment enhances community experiences for all.

More than 150 miles of nature walks and hiking trails span the area, providing plenty of opportunity to get exercise or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Nature preserves and parks promote an appreciation for wildlife. At the same time, developed outdoor settings provide the opportunity to engage in more organized sporting activities like golf. Environmental issues are integral in community development, growth, building and activities.

Residential Needs and Services

The master plan of Lakewood Ranch includes educational institutions that focus on excellence. In addition to seven public schools, there are private options for those interested. There are several post-secondary education options with schools such as Manatee Technical Institute and Everglades University.

In addition to local merchants, there are many services related to home care and maintenance. Air conditioning service is important in the region during warm summer months. It’s wise to have a reliable contractor’s information handy in the event of a breakdown as air conditioning repair is integral in maintaining home comfort and safety.

Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc., provides reliable air conditioning service to Sarasota FL and surrounding communities like Lakewood Ranch. Preventive maintenance, duct cleaning, humidity control and indoor air quality concerns are addressed quickly and carefully by our certified technicians.

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